ConsenSys plans to keep MetaMask user data for no more than seven days

ConsenSys published a clarification in response to mounting concerns about the privacy of user data.

ConsenSys, a provider of blockchain software, confirmed that it would only store and maintain user IP addresses and wallet data for up to seven days. This is an effort to reassure consumers that their personal information is handled safely after the company received pushback when it announced it was gathering such information.

According to our data retention policy, we keep and remove user information such as IP address and wallet address. We are striving to reduce the retention period to seven days, and these retention regulations will be included in our privacy policy in a forthcoming update,” the company stated in a statement.

ConsenSys modified its privacy statement last month to state that it collects MetaMask users’ IP addresses and wallet addresses when they utilize the infrastructure provider Infura, which is also owned by ConsenSys. Infura is the default connection method for MetaMask users to the Ethereum blockchain.

This quickly raised worries about privacy. The primary one is that a mix of on-chain data, such as blockchain addresses and transactions, and off-chain data, like as IP addresses, might be used to identify people and diminish the network’s privacy.

ConsenSys further said that it plans to restrict data gathering to on-chain transactions and not account balance checks. This would decrease the frequency with which this data is gathered.

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