Ripple’s Director of Engineering has decided to leave the company

Nik Bougalis, a cryptographer and software engineer who is presently the Director of Engineering at Ripple, announced his departure from the California-based FinTech company on Friday.

Bougalis, who has worked on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) for over a decade, said on Twitter: “I am pleased to have worked with and learned from @JoelKatz, Arthur Britto, my former C++ team peers, and so many others at Ripple. I will miss the camaraderie and team spirit of the C++ team the most.”

“What about the #XRPL? Its long-term health and prosperity are not dependent on any one individual. I am convinced that everything will work out owing to the brilliant and enthusiastic people who contribute and participate in their own unique ways. Leaving Ripple was a difficult choice, but it was the correct one for me. I wish my fellow Ripplers unfettered success.”

“What happens next? I will discuss it when the time is right, but I will NOT be joining another blockchain project/company, nor will I be participating in NFTs or DeFi.”

Based on what he states on his personal website and GitHub, it seems possible that he will launch a firm that creates “cryptographic solutions for usage in the blockchain arena.”

Regarding the response from his current and previous colleagues at Ripple, the following individuals have so far commended Bougalis for his extraordinary work.

The XRP community owes Nik Bougalis a tremendous debt of gratitude, and it seems certain that in the coming days, as more people learn about his decision to quit Ripple, many XRP HODLers will also congratulate him and wish him well in his future endeavours.

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