Whales Deliver $215,700,000 in Ethereum to Coinbase and Binance Unexpectedly 

Whales of Ethereum and Bitcoin are making their presence felt as Bitcoin clings to a vital support level at $23,000.

In the preceding twenty-four hours, three Ethereum whales launched huge transfers to Binance and Coinbase.

First, Binance received 92,170 ETH worth $150.9 million from an anonymous wallet. The whale in question left a very modest 1,000 ETH, worth $1.6 million, in their wallet.

Some hours later, a different Ethereum whale deposited 25,361 ETH worth $40.5 million to Coinbase from an unidentified wallet.

In doing so, this whale effectively emptied their Ethereum wallet to zero. Almost immediately afterwards, a third Ethereum whale deposited 15,110 ETH worth $24.3 million from an undisclosed wallet to Coinbase.

Also, this whale emptied their wallet to nothing. Then, a big Bitcoin whale appeared, transferring 9,475 BTC worth $219,5 million between two unidentified wallets.

The BTC does not seem to be going for any cryptocurrency exchanges, where it may be traded on the open market.

Bitcoin has decreased 0.4% over the last twenty-four hours, trading at $23,045 at the time of writing. At $1,598, Ethereum is up 0.6% on the last day.

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