Another Bitcoin Core Maintainer Resigns Seven Years Later

Following Falke’s resignation, just four maintainers are left to oversee the most popular Bitcoin implementation.

Tuesday, Bitcoin developer Marco Falke announced his resignation as Bitcoin Core’s maintainer. There are presently just four protocol maintainers: Michael Ford, Hennadii Stepanov, Andrew Chow, and Gloria Zhao.

Falke was Bitcoin Core’s single greatest contributor, proposing nearly 2000 distinct modifications to Bitcoin’s core (also known as “commits”) throughout the course of his lifetime.

Throughout three of his seven years as maintainer, the cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin and the Web3 investment company Paradigm funded and sponsored Falke.

Falke remarked on Twitter, “I am enthusiastic about open source and Bitcoin, and I am optimistic about the future; unfortunately, being a maintainer is no longer a suitable match for me personally.” “I am pleased with my accomplishments and acknowledge that they would not have been possible without the support of my sponsors.”

As a maintainer, Falke was responsible for doing quality assurance testing and approving new Bitcoin code modifications on GitHub.

During the last two years, several Bitcoin development titans, including John Newbery, Samuel Dobson, Jonas Schnelli, Peter Wuille, and Wladimir J. van der Laan, the previous chief developer of Bitcoin Core, have left their jobs as maintainers.

Schneilli’s 2021 exit was driven by a mix of changing interests and growing legal risk for core developers. Craig Wright, who claims to be Bitcoin’s mystery founder, continues to exert legal pressure on Bitcoin developers.

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