Ukrainian band sells a trophy to a crypto exchange in order to purchase drones for the nation

Eurovision Song Contest champions Ukraine sold their trophy to aid their country’s struggle against Russian invaders so they could feel more accomplished.

By auctioning off their crystal microphone and organising a raffle for the pink bucket hat worn by band leader Oleh Psyuk during the concert, Kalush Orchestra says they made $900,000 and $370,000, respectively.

A portion of the funds will be used to buy three Ukrainian military combat drones. Drones may be controlled from a ground control centre, according to Reuters, which describes how the technology works.

Following their success, Psiuk and his five bandmates were deported to Ukraine. In the words of the AP’s Lucia Bruno, “

Currency and cryptocurrencies were accepted as means of payment for the prize. In a statement, Kalush Orchestra said that Whitebit had obtained the honour.

The trophy had been auctioned off, according to the rap-folk band’s Facebook post. The band emailed to say, “You guys are wonderful!”

Cash is being handed to Ukraine’s economy to avert “collapse,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an online video message.

The German Chancellor has no fans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been widely criticised recently for her unwillingness to provide Ukraine with more deadly weapons. The Ukrainian army has been under increasing duress as it has fought to contain a Russian invasion in Donbas.

The Kalush Orchestra performed at a charity event at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to collect money for medical treatment and supplies on Sunday, according to several news sources.

In a speech, Psiuk implored the audience not to get acclimated to the conflict, which has killed 4,031 people and injured 4,735 others, according to the United Nations, as of this writing.

After the auction, the band thanked all of the donors, “but we’re extremely grateful to the @whitebit ua team, who bought the trophy for $900,000,” they stated.

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