RCD Espanyol will be the first Spanish soccer team to accept crypto payments

An agreement with Crypto Snack made RCD Espanyol the first La Liga club to accept cryptocurrency ticket purchases.

Catalan soccer club RCD Espanyol will allow supporters to buy tickets, souvenirs, and food and drinks with a variety of digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. When the new La Liga season begins, the product will be available for purchase (August 2022).

Over the last several months, the soccer industry and digital assets have developed a strong relationship. As a result, a number of clubs throughout the world have formed relationships with crypto firms and exchanges, or have embraced cryptocurrency as an alternative form of payment.

Despite this, La Liga, Spain’s premier soccer league, has not been as deeply invested in the industry. RCD Espanyol has announced that it would enable its fans to purchase tickets, food and beverage during matches, and merchandise goods in bitcoins, ethers, and other digital assets starting this summer.

To achieve this, the club teamed up with Barcelona-based and Estonia-based finance platforms Crypto Snack. Many major exchanges offer SNACK, the company’s native iGaming coin. Allowing fans to use it as a form of payment, the asset is being added to the offering.

RCD Espanyol CEO Mao Ye Wu feels the partnership would give “great benefits both on and off the field,” giving soccer fans more options when attending a game.

With this move, we become pioneers in an area that isn’t only in the future; it’s already here, according to him.

The CEO of Crypto Snack, Stuart Morrison, says he is proud to work with one of Spain’s most beloved soccer teams. According to him, Espanyol supporters will have a “fun, efficient method to support their club via the usage of SNACK and other cryptocurrencies” as a result of this attempt.

Tigres Has Accepted Bitcoin As Payment

The Mexican Tigres are another soccer powerhouse that allows fans to purchase match tickets using cryptocurrency. Bitso, a Latin American digital asset exchange, joined the team to make it happen.

“Thus increasing its usage as a payment option for any sort of event,” said platform Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Vogel, who noted that the tie-up with Tigres would enhance the everyday employment of cryptocurrencies in sporting events.”

As Mauricio Culebro Galván, the soccer club’s president, put it: “This may not be the last time we do anything like this.”

“Tigres continues to look to the future, and new efforts with Bitso are certain to continue to deliver additional services,” the company said.

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