A Controversial Plan to Make CZ the Next LUNC President Raises Strong Opposition

The LUNC group’s proposal to name Changpeng Zhao as its head has caused some controversy.

Recently, the LUNC community was divided over a proposal that caused consternation and eyebrows to be raised in the crypto world.

Active member of the LUNC community CosmoSreXx tweeted the controversial suggestion. Upset and critical, he said making the blockchain seem like a joke diminishes its legitimacy. CosmoSreXx said that the proposition was humiliating and looked to be more outlandish than everything that had come before.

The analyst also pointed out the community’s lack of education on governance, saying that electing someone to a leadership position without their permission goes against the spirit of a blockchain that is owned by the people. He emphasised the gravity of the tasks involved in managing such a blockchain and advocated for a more considered approach.

The plan was met with widespread scorn from the crypto community at large. According to one Shiba Inu fan who claims to know Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao personally, Zhao would not even respond to such “nonsense.”

Another concerned member of the community suggested a safeguard to avoid such ridiculous suggestions. The question was raised as to whether or not frivolous ideas may be removed and penalties applied, such as the removal of a significant amount of LUNC tokens.

If a plan cannot be legitimately regulated via governance, CosmoSreXx said, it should be vetoed and the proposers should lose their deposits.

The contentious idea provoked introspection among LUNC members and drove home the need for mindful ecological decision-making.

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