OnlyFans Now Supports the NFT Profile Picture Feature

OnlyFans, the online subscription platform, now allows users to post confirmed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as profile images.

Initially, OnlyFans will support only NFTs generated on Ethereum, which will be identified as legitimate by an emblem on the profile image. Rather than the usual circle photo utilised by the majority of platforms as the infrastructure for profile photographs, verified NFTs on profile pictures have drifted toward a hexagonal boundary.

“Our objective is to enable artists to realise their full potential,” said Ami Gan, CEO of OnlyFans. “This functionality is the first step in determining the potential role of NFTs on our platform.”

OnlyFans, based in the United Kingdom, began in 2016 but exploded in popularity during the epidemic, since it enabled authors to make money directly from subscribers.

Tim Stokely, the platform’s creator, said in December that he will stand aside as CEO in favour of Amrapali “Ami” Gan, the site’s chief marketing and communications officer since 2020, to assist oversee the subscription platform.

While OnlyFans said that the option was implemented in December, the news brings the site into line with other social network firms wanting to engage with popular digital artefacts. Twitter allows users to post NFTs as their profile image last month through a connection to their wallets.

Currently, the new functionality is accessible exclusively to paying customers to Twitter’s Blue service. Shortly later, Reddit was said to be considering enabling the same functionality.

To follow on YouTube and Instagram?

Recently, YouTube made waves for revealing that it will be the first of Alphabet’s properties to incorporate the digital collectibles. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in her annual letter that the company hopes to “assist artists in capitalising on future technologies, such as NFTs.”

While the letter made no mention of the matter, YouTube expanded on its ambitions this week, saying that its video archive might be used to check the integrity of digital assets.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri also admitted in an Instagram post that the business was investigating NFTs.

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