A Redditor hides BTC worth $100 in a public library for 100 years

A Redditor has locked up $100 worth of Bitcoin in a public library “somewhere in Europe” until 2122 as part of a fun and fortune-telling experiment.

There is never a boring moment in the world of Bitcoin (BTC). Regardless of the markets’ desire for a slowdown, the inventive Bitcoin community never lacks for fun.

Yesterday, a Redditor named Optimal-Dentistador (henceforth, OD) used a time-lapse challenge to test the Bitcoin network’s endurance.

OD “sent a letter and also included the private keys for $100 worth of Bitcoin” in a post to the Bitcoin subreddit. They revealed in a private email with Cointelegraph that they “placed 0.003 BTC on a new address, put the private and public keys in the envelope with the message, and here we are.”

The life-long experiment was sparked by recent events hosted by OD’s city’s public library–which will remain anonymous at OD’s desire. They said in their cit:

“There was an event where you could write a letter, poetry, or a journal that would be preserved for 100 years.” If you include any personal information on the envelope, they will attempt to locate living relatives to give you.”

OD chose to include “something unique” in the time capsule, namely the public and private key information for 0.003 BTC, or about $100 at today’s exchange rate. “I will inform my relatives,” they told Cointelegraph, but OD also laughs that they may “eventually forget about this entire situation, who knows what will happen in the coming decades.”

While 0.003 BTC may seem little in 2022, it might be regarded a market-moving quantity in a hundred years:

OD was quick to jest that finding the “Bitfinex hack amount of money” in a letter is like to discovering the “Bitfinex hack amount of money” in today’s reality. The Department of Justice just confiscated $3.6 billion as part of the Bitfinex disaster.

Given that the letter would not be opened until 2022, one Redditor, “fontinuos,” expressed sadness that “every single one of us will be gone and will miss the conclusion.” While OD believes that the experiment is enjoyable, the end result is “a gloomy sensation.”

Nonetheless, the meme is valuable, and OD’s descendants may prosper. “See you in 2122, the ultimate diamond hands:)” OD signed out to Cointelegraph.

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