Major U.S. banks experience mysterious withdrawals that drop some customers’ accounts into negative territory

It has been claimed that customers of one of the largest banks in the United States are experiencing unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.

Thousands of consumers have been criticizing Wells Fargo on social media for “debit card pending correction” withdrawals for a week, according to WNCT, a news outlet connected with CBS.

Some accounts even went into the red as a result of the mysterious withdrawals of a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Wells Fargo claims a technological error caused the charges and fees in question to be reversed automatically, and the bank apologizes for the inconvenience.

Some clients may see a delay in posting transactions while we investigate and fix a system problem. The vast majority of clients are unaffected.

The bank will automatically refund any overdraft charges that occurred because of this event. Customers of the financial behemoth have had problems checking their funds three times already this year.

Wells Fargo had a technological glitch in August that prevented certain direct deposits from being credited to clients’ accounts. In addition, in March, a different subset of clients had the same problems.

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