O.G. Bitcoin Inventor had all of his Bitcoins stolen

According to many tweets, the controversial Bitcoin creator has lost all of his Bitcoin holdings.

One of Bitcoin’s first developers, Luke Dashjr, stated today on Twitter that his PGP key had been hacked and his bitcoins had been stolen. 

The talented programmer expressed astonishment and surprise upon learning of the theft and questioned why he cannot contact anybody at the FBI or IC3.

Dashjr, despite being one of the most informed personalities in the world of cryptocurrencies, turned to social media to seek assistance for what looks to be unlawful conduct committed by an unknown culprit. Dashjr’s position is exacerbated by the lack of clarity around the amount of bitcoin stolen. As it looked that almost all of the developer’s bitcoins had been stolen, his despondency deepened.

Due to the absence of a central body regulating digital assets, it is the responsibility of individuals to safeguard their holdings against unwanted access. The fact that the longtime Bitcoin Core engineer still had his assets served as a sobering message to the cryptocurrency community.

A Twitter user commented, “A timely warning to keep your keys in cold storage and not on an internet-connected device.” Other people believed Dashjr was deceitful. “The craft of boating accidents. regard, “a user made a joke.

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