Shiba Inu’s popularity among ETH whales is rising

Shiba Inu [SHIB] was one of the crypto world’s superstars in 2021 due to its tremendous development. Presently, it is dragged down by little more than 90 percent from its historic ATH.

Its present price is inside a vital range, and here’s why you should pay closer attention to it. SHIB has been within the same price range since mid-December, and this week it continued to decline. This decline takes the price closer to a crucial support level. The last time the price was inside this area was at the June crash’s trough.

It would not be unexpected given that the majority of cryptocurrencies tend to rebound from crucial support levels. In the next few days, SHIB is quite likely to reach this conclusion. Even more so when a recent Whalestats warning is considered.

Shiba Inu has reached the list of the top 10 most traded tokens among the 100 largest ETH whales, according to Whalestats. This is evidence that SHIB is still in demand, particularly in its present support range.

A study of SHIB’s supply distribution demonstrates that the balances of the majority of significant address categories have been rising. This indicates that the dip has been purchased by whales.

But a deeper examination of current demand levels finds that retail engagement is limited. During the final week of December 2022, transaction volume stayed within the typical range, if not decreased. This may suggest a lack of significant retail market activity.

Perhaps the explanation for poor retail engagement is that sentiment fell from December 23 to December 27. Nonetheless, it has rebounded strongly during the last two days, indicating that investors are moving to an optimistic perspective.

The whale activity seems to have halted the negative trend so far, particularly in the previous 24 hours as of press time.

The price increased by at least 2 percent. But the little gain is anticipated, particularly if there is insufficient involvement from whales and liquidity for a substantial rebound.

The 90-day MVRV ratio had a small increase, suggesting that recent purchasers at the present lows are already profitable.

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