Neymar Jr., a soccer star, purchases and proudly displays his bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

Neymar Jr, a prominent football player, has two Bored Apes in addition to other NFTs. He has already spent over a million dollars on digital tokens and ENS addresses.

Neymar Jr, the successful PSG player, Brazilian national soccer team goal scorer, and NFT aficionado, is the newest member of the exclusive Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Neymar informed his supporters of the news through Twitter, where he tweeted a picture of his new pink ape dressed in flashy futuristic spectacles, along with the hashtag #BoredApeYC.

On January 20, Neymar updated his profile photo to include an avatar of the Bored Ape 6633. The soccer player spent 159.99 ETH for the monkey, according to OpenSea’s history. The price would be around $481.6K USD if the current ETH price is used as a benchmark. This indicates a gain of almost 66% in less than a month, when the identical ape sold for 96 ETH.

However, Ape 6633 is not Neymar’s only NFT. The soccer star also owns an even more precious monkey, Ape 5269, which he acquired for 189.69 ETH, or more than $570K at current pricing.

Neymar’s most precious monkey has laser eyes, a fad that has gained popularity among maximalist bitcoiners who believe the price of Bitcoin will soon reach $100,000.

The Apes were then moved from Neymar’s “EneJay” account to one called “EneJayVault,” most likely for security reasons.

Along with the costly Apes, Neymar has additional NFTs, including one from the ACESnikers fashion line, as well as ones from the Flipped BAYC, flipped CryptoPunks, and flipped Doodles collections.

The usage of NFTs has grown in popularity in recent months as a result of the involvement of large corporations, celebrities, athletes, and well-known musicians.

BAYC NFTs serve as the online social club’s representative avatars and membership tokens. They were launched in April 2021 at a cost of 0.08ETH and have since risen in popularity to become the most expensive collection, exceeding the floor price of the very popular Crypto Punks.

Twitter has released an NFT verification feature that enables users to show their NFTs in a specific frame to demonstrate that they are the legitimate owners of a particular Avatar. In this approach, they refute the narrative advanced by certain detractors who assert that just storing a duplicate of an NFT picture constitutes ownership.

Currently, NFTs are largely used for speculative and aesthetic purposes, but they may gain traction in the future. NFTs will be used in game and software development to represent items in the metaverse, and prospective applications in supply chain management, politics, and identity verification are currently being researched.

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