Aspen Creek Digital launches a 6-megawatt plant in Colorado

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation, a Bitcoin miner, constructed a new 6-megawatt plant in Colorado with Galaxy Digital as a customer.

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC), a relative newcomer to the bitcoin mining sector, established a solar-powered 6-megawatt plant in Colorado. The business said Thursday that the center is co-located behind the meter with a 10-megawatt solar farm.

ACDC is in the midst of creating many more projects around the state of Texas, including a 30-megawatt facility that will house 10,000 ASIC miners and another 150-megawatt facility that will come online this summer.

The CEO of ACDC, Alexandra DaCosta, said, “Recent market volatility has proven the significance of our basic strategy: managing electricity as the primary input in bitcoin mining.” This approach allows ACDC to survive the volatility of the bitcoin market and insulates our operations from variations in the electricity market.

In addition to self-mining in its new Colorado facility, the firm also hosts Galaxy Digital mining devices. Galaxy’s chief of mining, Amanda Fabiano, stated in a statement, “We are dedicated to working with ecosystem actors with a solid operational history to assist us to achieve our mining ambitions.”

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