Vitalik Wrote a Blog Post Predicting Ethereum’s Destiny

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s creator, recently shared a technical, in-depth blog article predicting the currency’s trajectory.

Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum (ETH), has published a blog post proposing improvements to the Ethereum protocol that will decentralize the network.

Blog explores the nuanced considerations involved in deciding whether or not to include a certain feature within the protocol itself, or instead delegate it to a lower-level component of the ecosystem.

Buterin covered a wide range of topics, including ZK-EVMs, private mempools, code precompiles, liquid staking, and the account abstraction protocol ERC-4337.

Buterin strongly prefers ‘incorporating’ various protocols like ERC-4337 into Ethereum’s core as opposed to private mempools. But he admitted that the trade-offs between the features’ advantages and costs are complicated and will change over time.

The term “mempool,” which is short for “memory pool,” refers to a place where blockchain transactions that have been started but not yet executed may wait.

The idea of liquid staking is central to a large portion of the essay that Buterin published. At the moment, the liquid staking pool Lido owns more than 32% of all Ethereum that has been staked. Buterin is concerned with the concentration of Ethereum’s liquid staking providers, despite the fact that this rate is dispersed over multiple validators.

Buterin argues that modifications to Ethereum’s protocol might further decentralize liquid staking operations, rather than depending on moral pressure to promote a more differed set of staking providers.

Buterin that a random board of tiny stakeholder investors be given more authority in governance or that liquid staking provider RocketPool’s techniques be altered. The co-founder continued by saying these are difficult problems with uncertain solutions.

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