Lamborghini manufacturing has an 18-month backlog, CEO admits

The CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, indicated that the premium car maker is still witnessing a demand boom, resulting in a backlog of 18 months.

Initially, the backlog was caused by supply chain problems resulting in a 12-month delay, and the 2023 production plan has already been sold to purchasers, as reported by Financial Review on August 2.

Despite the current economic instability, the firm has recorded its most significant six-month profit due to increased demand. During the first half of 2022, Lamborghini’s worldwide deliveries increased by 4.9%, reaching 5,090 units.

The company’s operating profit increased by 70% to €425 million, while revenues increased by 31% to €1.33 billion.

Lamborghini’s rising demand is being fueled by the release of a new model

In addition, the launch of new car lines has been related to the rising demand and sales. The URUS SUV model contributed 61 percent of sales, while the United States remained the company’s largest market.

Despite the high inflationary climate, sales have increased, and Lamborghini is preparing to modify its car pricing. Notably, the corporation has kept price increases below the inflation rate, but the interest rate increases are causing a shift in strategy.

Overall, Lamborghini looks to be thriving in a challenging macroeconomic climate in which asset classes such as cryptocurrency have lost value as inflation soars. Since November 2021, Finbold reports that Lamborghini owners have maintained their worth better than cryptocurrency holders.

Intriguingly, Lamborghini is among the status symbols for folks who have become wealthy via bitcoin. Leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have lost almost 50 percent of their value during the previous crypto bull market, sending several linked firms into bankruptcy.

In addition, research indicates that a pre-owned Lamborghini’s value has remained constant until 2022, despite the decline of cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

Luke Willmott, chief operating officer of AutoCoinCars, further elucidates the link between cryptocurrency and luxury automobiles. The previous year, sales of luxury automobiles purchased using cryptocurrency increased to $12 million while maintaining a consistent growth rate.

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