Microsoft’s AI application hits the Android market

For Android users who are blind or have limited vision, Microsoft’s long-awaited Seeing AI software is now here.

After six years since its 2017 debut on Apple iOS devices, Microsoft has finally released the Seeing AI app for Android, much to everyone’s delight. This helpful program uses the camera on a user’s smartphone to show them important details about their environment, making it ideal for those who are blind or have impaired vision. For Android users who have been waiting for this new technology to arrive, this revolutionary advancement means more accessibility.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI software gives users more control over the use of their smartphone cameras. The app’s several modes allow it to meet a variety of demands. Reading written pages, recognizing individuals, calculating money, and providing information on things and objects are just a few of the many tasks covered by Seeing AI. Notably, the iOS version had regular upgrades that made it better and included new features.

Several languages, including English, Czech, Danish, and Dutch, are now available for the Android distribution. Microsoft is committed to equality and worldwide accessibility, as the corporation has revealed intentions to extend language support to 34 languages by 2024.

Microsoft has a strong dedication to ensuring user safety in the AI sector, as seen by their cautious approach to possible hazards. They stress the importance of openness by freely admitting that the AI system is imperfect and warning users to be careful.

Additionally, encrypted connections are used to safely transmit images to Microsoft servers, which is necessary for certain functionality. To further demonstrate their dedication to protecting user information, Microsoft emphasizes the automated destruction of processed photographs and promises consumers more privacy and data security.

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