Forbes and Galxe Join Forces to Establish Web3 Network

This partnership exemplifies the “shared vision of extending the boundaries of traditional loyalty programs,” as pointed out by Taha Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer of Forbes.

In an effort to grow its Web3 community, American business publication Forbes has teamed up with Galxe. A new ForbesWeb3 account was established for the X community to promote the relationship. The worldwide media empire plans to use Galxe’s technologies to improve the customer experience.

Forbes is already well-established in the Web3 arena, having launched many projects. Therefore, the collaboration with Galxe represents the most recent development in this department. The media conglomerate made a 2021 Nifty Gateway sale of its most recent issue’s NFT. It debuted a shop at the 2023 Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week and had a virtual party on Sandbox in 2022 for its members. Similarly, this year’s Forbes Under 30 list was released on the blockchain.

This partnership shows the “shared vision of pushing the boundaries of traditional loyalty programs,” as pointed out by Taha Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer of Forbes. Charles Wayn, co-founder of Galxe, likewise felt the same way.

So said Wayn: “We can’t wait to watch loyalty campaigns become the norm and our platform lead the way.” If that’s the case, Forbes will be opening the door to its Web3 community to its members starting December 4. First things first: everyone has to finish off certain social duties on Galxe. These activities will give users a taste of blockchain’s real-world potential while encouraging participation.

Participants will earn Web3 awards as they complete social tasks. Additionally, they will be able to climb a leaderboard that promotes a sense of community. Exclusive benefits, such as free Forbes memberships and premium products branded with the Forbes name, are available to users in addition to Web3 incentives. The campaign’s ultimate goal is to have an NFT mint happen in the spring of 2024.

Wayn thinks that companies may use Web3 technology to strengthen consumer interactions and provide loyalty benefits. Forbes’ CTO Vadim Supitskiy, shares Wayn’s belief that this is correct.

“Our vision for this space is to create an environment where our community can come together, forge new relationships, gain knowledge, explore fresh concepts, host events, and enjoy themselves,” Supitskiy continued.

The result is that Galxe has declared the Forbes Web3 Campaign to be an ongoing event. “Stay tuned,” it said, referring to future activations and events. At the time of writing, the Galxe token (GAL) has risen more than 4% to $1.63 after the news.

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