Microsoft will broadcast an advertisement for Copilot during Super Bowl LVIII

Only a handful of AI commercials will air during Super Bowl LVIII, and companies involved with cryptocurrency don’t seem to be advertising at all.

Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11, will reportedly include an advertisement for Microsoft’s widely used AI software, Copilot, as revealed in a blog post on February 7.

Yusuf Mehdi, an official at Microsoft, stated: “This year, we’re thrilled to commemorate the revolutionary impact of AI and Microsoft Copilot. We’ll be highlighting the ‘watch me’ moments that citizens have had with Copilot, which has opened doors that were previously inaccessible.”

According to Mehdi, Copilot has undergone a makeover with a new “streamlined look and feel” on both the web and mobile in conjunction with its commercial debut. He went on to say that it has been exactly one year since Microsoft launched Bing Chat with AI-powered services.

Additionally, Medhi highlighted the expansion of Copilot, noting that users had generated over 5 billion conversations and 5 billion photographs so far. On February 7th, Microsoft released an advertisement on YouTube with the title “Game Day Commercial.”

The video demonstrates how Copilot may be used for a variety of activities, such as creating code, content, and images. There are a total of six Super Bowl commercials that the corporation has run, including one each in 2020, 2019, 2014, and 2000, and two in 2015.

The most recent advertisement from Microsoft follows prior claims made by CNN on February 2nd, which said that artificial intelligence advertising will almost not be present during the Super Bowl. However, you can also anticipate two advertisements pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI) from Google and Etsy throughout the game.

Rumor has it that the game will not feature any cryptocurrency advertisements; on February 9th, FOX confirmed CNN’s earlier claims by saying that no cryptocurrency ads are in the works.

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, denied to FOX that it had purchased Super Bowl advertising, with chief marketing officer Mayur Gupta characterizing the game as a “U.S.-centric event.” In addition, he said that, instead of hyping the market, the next wave of crypto ads would probably try to raise awareness and educate people.

Also, no other cryptocurrency-related companies will be airing commercials throughout the game.

BlackRock has started promoting its spot Bitcoin ETF, which it issued not long ago, among other things. But BlackRock hasn’t bought a Super Bowl commercial this year, according to FOX’s sources.

Coinbase runs regular television advertising and has one former Super Bowl ad, but FOX said that it is “unclear” if the company would be included.

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