Gaming experiences might benefit from blockchain technology, according to a former Nintendo CEO

Certain gaming experts seem to be taking a closer look at blockchain and play-to-earn technologies despite the fact that these elements are still viewed negatively by some traditional players.

Ex-Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé has discussed blockchain technology and play-to-earn models in relation to the video game industry.

A panel discussion at SXSW recently included Fils-Aimé, who emphasised his belief in blockchain technology and that gamers should be able to monetize the assets they’ve built up in games.

“Blockchain is a technology that I believe in. As a new technology, I believe blockchain is quite interesting. In video games, I also believe in the ‘play to own’ philosophy.

It was recommended that players who invest time in games should be allowed to get money from their efforts, for example, by the former Nintendo executive.

In some games, I’ve spent more than 300 hours…. How cool would it be to make some money off of what I’ve developed in the future?

NFTs might be employed in the Animal Crossing video game, according to a former head of the company’s biggest division and a multiple award winner.

While Nintendo is one of the first companies to enter the gaming market, it has been slow to incorporate these features into its games. Nonetheless, this does not indicate that they are not aware of the possibilities of these technologies in the future. The metaverse has been on Nintendo’s radar since February when the corporation said it was ‘curious’ and could see ‘the potential’ it had for the business.

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