MetaMask enables the purchase of cryptocurrencies through bank transfer

MetaMask has introduced a new function to its popular cryptocurrency wallet. Users in the United States may now purchase virtual currencies using bank accounts.

Users of MetaMask in the United States will now be able to utilise their bank accounts to buy cryptocurrencies via their wallets. Sardine, a platform that provides ACH solutions, acknowledged they were not playing games. On Twitter, Sardine issued a message informing users of MetaMask that payments are now quicker and more secure.

This will make it simpler for U.S. customers to acquire their preferred virtual currencies without using a centralised cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, it will accelerate and simplify the whole procedure for crypto sector beginners.

The procedure is straightforward. You will be able to choose the mode of payment, such as a quick bank transfer. These transactions are instantaneous and have the greatest purchase limit. Then, you must choose the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum network’s list of possible tokens. Prior to verifying the amount and submitting the payment, your phone number must be entered.

A few seconds later, the cash will be reflected in your MetaMask account. This is the whole method for purchasing digital currencies on your MetaMask via bank transfers using Sardine.

In order for customers to acquire virtual currencies, many cryptocurrency exchanges have added support for a number of payment methods during the last few years. Nonetheless, the process of purchasing virtual currencies using crypto wallets has become far more efficient and convenient. These wallets allow you to store your virtual currencies without relying on third-party systems that maintain custody of your currency.

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