Melania Trump has announced the creation of her own NFT platform

Melania Trump, the former first lady, announced the establishment of her own NFT platform and her first NFT, “Melania’s Vision.” The platform is built on Solana, is enabled by Parlor, and accepts payment by SOL and credit cards. Is it referring to the presidential elections in 2024?

According to Ms. Trump’s public statement: I am thrilled to introduce my new NFT project, which reflects my love for the arts and will help me continue to empower children via my Be Best programme.

According to the statement, a part of the revenues would “help youngsters age out of the foster care system via economic empowerment,” but the release does not specify how many.

Melania Trump’s NFT is characterised by artist Marc-Antoine Coulon as a “breathtaking watercolour” that “embodies Melania Trump’s azure blue eyes.” It has an audio clip of Melania stating, “Look forward to inspiration, strength, and bravery.”

The NFT will be accessible between December 16 and December 31, 2021, at a price of 1 SOL, which is presently trading at $180.

While Donald Trump is attempting to build a social media alternative to Twitter – in order to reclaim a platform – and teases a presidential run in 2024, the issue has been raised as to whether Melania’s “cobalt blue eyes” are aimed at securing a crypto vote.

Mrs. Trump spoke exclusively to Breitbart News: “Since leaving the White House, I’ve envisioned establishing a new platform for the flourishing of free speech.”

Apart From The Headlines

Recently, the former first lady has broken her normal quiet by generating headlines, such as YouGov’s annual worldwide poll, in which she was named one of the “world’s most adored women of 2021.” According to reports, the poll polled 42,000 individuals in 38 nations, which is a small sample size for a worldwide viewpoint.

Admired? Melania must be really involved in her neighbourhood. Melania’s Palm Beach post-White House office’s content writer is often extremely busy tweeting the appropriate prayers and thank yous.

Melania Trump’s platform also contains her ‘Be Best’ programme, which, like her NFTs announcement, states that she is committed to “enhancing the lives and well-being of children” and features eight photographs of youngsters. Touching. That also includes immigrant children who were forcibly separated from their families under Donald Trump’s presidency, correct?

Ms. Trump is a very private lady, as we all know. Since Trump’s departure from office, the public has seen little of her. They also didn’t see much of her when he was in office. Despite this, Trump followers adore her and shout whenever her name is mentioned.

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