El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office has hired Saifedean Ammous as an advisor

Saifedean Ammous, author of the book “Bitcoin Standard,” has been hired as an economic adviser by El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC), making him the first author of such a book to work in a nation where Bitcoin is legally tender.

According to the previous section, Saifedean Ammous, author of “The Bitcoin Standard,” a widely read book in the crypto industry, has been hired as an economic advisor for El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office.

An ONBTC tweet from the previous day broke the story: “Great things were inevitable once the creator of the Bitcoin Standard met the head of Bitcoin Country. El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office is pleased to welcome @saifedean as its new Economic Advisor.”

In an interview with the local daily ‘Diario El Salvador,’ the Austrian economist discussed his thoughts on the Bitcoin strategy implemented by the government and outlined his plans and objectives in this area.

While some countries are implementing laws that are discouraging foreign investment, he said that El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele’s measures, such as enacting a zero tax for technology businesses, have made the country incredibly appealing.

He didn’t name any particular countries, but the recent Bitcoin taxation arguments in the US, UK, Portugal, and Italy are likely what he had in mind.

The country’s Decree No. 49 assigns this body responsibility for handling crypto-related issues. In 2021, El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender and introduced novel Bitcoin bonds, making it a leader in national cryptocurrency strategies.

However, there have been contradictory claims on the level of Bitcoin acceptance in this tiny Central American nation.

Increased tourism this year appears to have increased its adoption rate despite earlier indications of slow adoption.

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