McDonald’s Has Filed Ten Metaverse Trademark Applications

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McDonald’s: The venerable fast-food company wants to join the metaverse. It seems as if virtual world residents will be able to request home delivery.

The corporation has submitted eleven trademark applications for the virtual space, according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben.

The application, filed on February 4, describes intentions for a “virtual restaurant that will sell both physical and virtual commodities.”

McDonald’s has also shown an interest in operating a ‘virtual restaurant with home delivery.’ Additionally, the restaurant will provide ‘downloadable media files,’ which will include artwork, music and video files, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Additionally, the fast-food business would want to include its McCafe locations into its metaverse ambitions. The brand’s entertainment offerings will include’real and virtual internet concerts and other virtual events.’

If these ideas are implemented, the fast-food company would face stiff competition from other virtual concert promoters. These kind of performances are growing more popular since they eliminate geographical restrictions that prohibit fans and performers from engaging. Additionally, they would lower the expense of travelling and maybe even the chance of getting the Covid-19 virus.

McDonald’s trademark registration was submitted a day after bakery and café business Panera Bread filed a similar application. It wants to operate PANERAVERSE, a virtual chain of restaurants and cafés. Panera Bread, like McDonald’s, will provide downloadable and non-transferable content, virtual food and beverages, and virtual gathering areas.

“I believe that over the next 12 months, every company will submit these entries,” Gerben said. I don’t believe anybody wants to be the next Blockbuster while entirely ignoring emerging technologies.”

Other incidents indicate that the metaverse is gaining traction, even in its infancy. Despite the central bank’s opposition, over 1300 enterprises in China submitted applications for registration of metaverse trademarks at the end of last year. Apple, Meta, and Microsoft are also experimenting in this arena.

Virtual Environment

According to a February forecast by research company Gartner, 25% of individuals would spend at least one hour of their daily time in the virtual world by 2026.

On average, the US Patent and Trademark Office processes applications in around nine and a half months. Gerben, on the other hand, is sure that neither McDonald’s nor Panera Bread will object.

McDonald’s is showing interest in the McDonald’s metaverse around two weeks after mocking bitcoin hodlers during the latest downturn. One thing led to another, and in a matter of hours, Grimace Coin had amassed enormous earnings.

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