zkSync was down for five hours on Christmas Day but it’s back up and running now

The network was down for many hours due to a software issue that accidentally activated a security protocol, causing zkSync to fail.

On December 25th, the zkSync network received an unwanted Christmas gift. As stated in a Christmas Day message, the crew had to “inspect” the network during the holiday to figure out why it went down. According to the team, zkSync was operational again after around five hours.

At 7:36 am UTC, the zkSync team updated X (formerly Twitter) with a notice that the network was “currently experiencing network issues.” Their stated mission was that they were “actively addressing the situation” and “committed” to restoring service. Another message was made by the team at 10:52 a.m. UTC announcing that the problem had been rectified. The statement said that the network was now “fully operational” and explained that a server problem had triggered one of the automatic safety routines. The notice states that the incident happened at 5:50 UTC, which means that zkSync was unavailable for around five hours.

A number of blockchain networks experienced shutdowns or failures in 2023. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) assault knocked Solana down for four hours in January. Due to an issue that arose after a hard fork in March, Polygon had a downtime of almost eleven hours. Meanwhile, Ethereum layer-2 Abitrum was offline for 78 minutes on December 15 because of an unexpected surge in inscription minting.

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