Ryan Reynolds, a Hollywood actor, feels cryptocurrency is ‘developing as a major factor’

As bitcoin use continues to grow, more celebrities, athletes, and businesses are getting involved in an industry that was previously dominated by technology.

Ryan Reynolds, a Hollywood actor and MNTN chief creative officer, addressed his opinions on cryptocurrencies with Bloomberg Markets’ Emily Chang.

While Reynolds refused to disclose if he holds bitcoin, he added that he sees “value in the debate” around digital assets and that firms are doing an amazing job of making them safer while also making them accessible to the public.

As he stated: “I believe that the dialogue we’re having right now is worthwhile. I believe businesses are doing an excellent job of recasting it in a more secure, mainstream light.

It’s worth noting that although the Hollywood actor recognises why some people are sceptical about cryptocurrencies, he feels it’s “developing as a massive player” in the financial business.

“I mean, 90% of the phrase crypto is crypto, so I see why some people may be turned off or scared by it. However, I believe it is establishing itself as a major player. That is, it has been developing for a lengthy period of time. As a major participant, I’m unsurprised.”

With cryptocurrency’s growing popularity, an increasing number of high-profile people are adopting it to acquire and sell real estate and to earn their paychecks.

For instance, renowned attorney Tony Buzbee said earlier this month that he would take Bitcoin as payment for his $27 million Houston house, while UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou took Bitcoin as payment for his January battle purse.

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