Korean Telecom Powerhouse SK Introduces a Crypto Wallet in Collaboration with CryptoQuant

The on-chain data analysis capabilities included in the wallet might potentially help users make more educated trading choices.

Together with SK Telecom (SKT), the largest mobile phone carrier in South Korea by consumers, the Korean crypto services business Team Blackbird announced the introduction of a crypto wallet.

Team Blackbird’s chief executive officer, Ki Young Joo, told CoinDesk on Wednesday that the company’s T wallet product will provide users with access to a blockchain-based application on their smartphones for the storage of tokens and the use of CryptoQuant’s on-chain analytical tools, which might assist users in their market operations.

The head of SKT’s Web3 business team, Jong Seung Kim, has said that the wallet has the potential to assist in the growth of Korea’s already thriving cryptocurrency sector, which boasts both high trade volumes and substantial local interest.

Institutional clients from all around the globe use CryptoQuant, a data and research organization that provides on-chain data analysis services. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) and Moody’s credit rating agency are only two of the many international businesses with whom the company has unique connections in order to provide you on-chain data and terminal research.

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