Iranian OpenSea Users Claim They Have Been Blocked From the NFT Marketplace

Several OpenSea customers in Iran claim to be abruptly blocked, although the business has not confirmed any ban.

According to various complaints from unhappy collectors and producers who have lately been unable to access the site, the United States-based NFT marketplace OpenSea has purportedly begun restricting customers residing in Iran.

While OpenSea has not yet replied to Decrypt’s request for comment, other users, like prominent collector and entrepreneur Farokh, claim that if Iranian users are being restricted, it is most likely owing to US sanctions.

Over five Iranian OpenSea users have reported the problem, two of whom verified using the site while in Iran to Decrypt. Nima Leo Photos said on the site that their photographic collection is no longer viewable.

Arman, an Iranian OpenSea user, also reported receiving an error 404 notice while attempting to visit the marketplace. And Arefeh Norouzii said that their verified account was deleted “without reason” earlier today.

RyanW, a moderator on the OpenSea Discord channel who often responds to help queries on the server, said this morning that he was “not aware of any Iranian account bans.”

In recent months, OpenSea has seen a large number of dissatisfied consumers. With a recent external phishing attempt costing $1.7 million, a lawsuit over an allegedly “stolen” Bored Ape NFT, and a $1.8 million reimbursement to consumers who lost NFTs due to an OpenSea listing hack, the site continues to confront issues despite billions in monthly sales.

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