Weekly Report (30 Jan.– 05 Feb 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) Doritos Chips Maker Enters Polygon (MATIC)

Doritos, a globally recognized snack food brand, welcomes everyone to enjoy its innovative metaverse experience in Decentraland (MANA). Doritos Triangle Studios is prepared to explode into the red-hot NFTs market on Polygon Network (MATIC)…[continue reading]

2) Ethereum Developers Will Launch Public Testing Of The Shanghai-Capella Upgrade

On February 7, the Ethereum network will activate the Zhejiang public test network in preparation for the Shanghai-Capella upgrade in March. Zhejiang is now in a preview phase and will be improved for general usage in the following days…[continue reading]

3) MicroStrategy Stock Jumps By 100 Percent In 2023 When The Company Purchases 8,800 BTC 

MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR), a provider of enterprise business intelligence (BI) tools, acquired over 8,800 Bitcoin (BTC) in 2022, while its stock price has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, according to a recent report…[continue reading]

4) Ether Supply Is At An All-Time Low After The Merge

Today, the overall circulating supply of Ethereum hit a post-Merge low of about 120,500,000 tokens. The Merge, one of the largest technology upgrades in the history of the network that drastically altered its economics, shifted Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake and reduced the total net issuance of ether…[continue reading]

5) The Cardano-Based Djed Stablecoin Has Acquired 27 Million ADA Tokens As Reserves

Djed began trading on Tuesday and has a 600% collateral backing ratio at the time of writing. Less than 24 hours after its inception, the overcollateralized stablecoin Djed (DJED) has garnered more than 27 million cardano (ADA) tokens as support, according to statistics…[continue reading]

6) SEC Vs. LBRY Judge Determines Secondary LBC Sale As Not Security

In a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against the decentralized publishing platform LBRY Inc., the court decided that the secondary sale of LBRY Credits, or LBC, did not constitute the sale of security…[continue reading]

7) Kin Foundation Introduces A Solana-Based On-Ramp For Application Developers

The Kin Foundation said Tuesday that it had released a solution dubbed Kinetic that would enable developers to incorporate Solana into their programs, letting them implement crypto use cases on their platforms…[continue reading]