Ethereum developers will launch public testing of the Shanghai-Capella upgrade

The Zhejiang public test network will be activated on February 7 in preparation for the Shanghai-Capella upgrade.

On February 7, the Ethereum network will activate the Zhejiang public test network in preparation for the Shanghai-Capella upgrade in March. Zhejiang is now in a preview phase and will be improved for general usage in the following days.

Shanghai-Capella, also known as Shapella, is an update designed to enable ether (ETH) withdrawals from network validators, a presently unavailable capability. Shanghai will enhance Ethereum’s execution layer, while Capella will upgrade the blockchain’s consensus layer. The developers have scheduled many stages of public testing, starting with Zhejiang, to complete the final overhaul in March.

According to Tim Beiko from the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum DevOps and client teams are working to fix any technical concerns before to Zhejiang’s activation. Once enabled the next week, Zhejiang will be available for public testing. Users will be able to operate validator nodes and test ETH unstacking with validators.

The Ethereum network team will next go to additional public testnets, including Sepolia in February and Goerli in early March, after Zhejiang. Beiko noted that Goerli would be the last dress rehearsal before the mainnet launch of Shanghai-Capella at the end of March.

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