HEIR Drops First NFTs for Michael Jordan’s Solana Athlete App

The 6 Rings NFTs are inspired by the NBA legend’s career and function as access codes to Web3’s fan interaction platform.

Michael Jordan, the NBA star, is making Web3 moves, including the December unveiling of HEIR, a Solana-based platform aimed at connecting professional players and their fans. HEIR unveiled its inaugural NFT collection today in an effort to attract “founding” customers to the new platform.

HEIR’s 6 Rings NFTs are inspired by Jordan’s illustrious NBA career with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, during which he won six NBA championships. The business sold a total of 5,005 Solana NFTs on the Magic Eden marketplace for 2.3 SOL ($221) each—a nod to Jordan’s jersey number. The business had intended to sell 10,010 NFTs but subsequently revealed that it would halve that number owing to slower-than-expected sales. The project quickly sold out of its limited quantity.

Each 6 Rings NFT entitles the bearer to the status of “founding fan,” granting access to a forthcoming platform that links athletes and their followers via “Huddles,” or communities with a restricted number of participants. Members of the Huddle will get unique material from each athlete, as well as access to ask-me-anything sessions, gear, and more.

The business has not yet revealed which athletes will appear on the Solana-powered platform, but during today’s Twitter Space, the team hinted that NBA legends and current players would be engaged. Additionally, the official HEIR Discord channel says that players ranging from high school to professional will be featured.

Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey Jordan collaborated on HEIR in mid-December, with Jeffrey named as a co-founder with Jeron Smith (ex-Nike) and marketing strategist Daniel George.

The company secured $10 million in venture investment led by Thrive Capital, with participation from Solana Ventures, Bulls player Lonzo Ball, Reddit co-founder and Seven Seven Six co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and New York Knicks Executive Vice President William Wesley.

According to Jeffrey Jordan, the firm will provide further chances to onboard users in the future, in addition to this first NFT drop for “founding fans,” such as NFTs that operate as access tickets to certain players’ respective huddles.

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