Increasingly Moms are getting into crypto to help make their families richer

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular with mothers as the globe moves closer to a digital age.

In a report by NBC News, parents who want to learn more about the digital world are taking a dive into the crypto sphere. After Facebook’s declaration in October that it will be focusing on the metaverse, Sarah Monson was inspired to learn more about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

On April 1, Monson spoke at the NFT LA conference on her plans to prepare for the metaverse and guide her 6-year-old daughter through the increasingly difficult digital terrain. Because of this, she started to study more about NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which are part of the metaverse.

She remarked, ” My main goal was to better my knowledge on my own. In Seattle amid the bursting of the dot com boom, I had no voice or ability to do anything.

Mothers are becoming more involved in the crypto industry, which has previously been dominated by younger male investors, according to the survey.

A large majority of mom investors questioned by NBC News said that they were interested in crypto because it may “meaningfully impact” their family’s financial situation. In contrast to the “crypto dudes,” several of the mothers stated they believed their viewpoint was a refreshing change.

The Black Women Blockchain Council’s founder, Olayinka Odeniran, informed them: We have a new outlook on things as more and more parents join the arena. In contrast to the lone investors, we take a different strategy. We’ve come to leave something for our family, and we want them to be able to take part in our virtual world as much as we would want them to.

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