Russia and India Cut Off US Dollar Trade Worth $40 Billion

A $40 billion trade agreement was struck between Russia and India, utilizing their own national currencies rather than the US currency.

By exchanging $40 billion in local currency, Russia and India have once again defied the US dollar, a dramatic change in the global trading landscape. The increasing trend away from the dollar in international commerce is shown in this record-high trade volume, which was attained in only three quarters of 2023 by these two BRICS members.

In addition to revising its economic objectives, this year has seen the BRICS alliance’s membership grow. The record-breaking trade data between Russia and India is proof that the alliance’s concentrated efforts to de-dollarize have been successful. In addition to strengthening economic sovereignty, the option to trade in local currencies has threatened the dollar’s historic dominance in global markets.

India is a major trading partner for Russia, which has increased its import restrictions. This record-breaking trade volume is largely attributable to the mutually beneficial relationship between the Russian and Indian markets. Trade between the two countries has exceeded 3.5 trillion rubles, a number that tells much about the increasing economic dependency between Russia and India as the Russian government ramps up exports to India.

Impressive trade growth between Russia and India is evidence of the dynamic character of the BRICS partnership, not just of the two countries’ individual success stories. This economic milestone demonstrates the bloc’s growing power and desire to lessen Western dominance in global economic matters. With the addition of five more member nations, the alliance’s influence will be magnified even further, fortifying the economy with greater diversity and resilience.

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