FTX and OpenSea make the Forbes Fintech 50 list

According to the business magazine, all nine of the firms that made it into the Forbes Fintech 50 list for 2022, such as the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, raised a combined total of $6.5 billion in venture capital. The list was revealed on Tuesday.

Forbes reports that FTX, which is run by billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried and obtained US$1.5 billion in private finance, is now valued at US$32 billion. The most recent list includes private enterprises that have operations in the United States.

OpenSea, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens, recently completed a fundraising round that was worth $300 million USD, which increased the platform’s value to $13.3 billion USD.

According to Forbes, crypto businesses and business-to-business neobanks are doing-especially well when it comes to receiving venture financing.

The list also includes the blockchain companies Chainalysis, which is an analytics firm; Circle, which is an issuer of stablecoins; Paxos, which is an infrastructure provider; Fireblocks, which is a crypto custodian; blockchain developer Alchemy; TRM Labs, which is an intelligence firm; and Ava Labs, which is the company that created Avalanche.

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