Hong Kong University develops a blockchain-based method for monitoring building quality

According to a news release, the University of Hong Kong’s architectural research team has built a blockchain-based system to monitor the quality of student house buildings from anywhere.

According to a press release, the technology, dubbed E-Inspection 2.0, aids in the management of construction quality inspection papers by ensuring that construction site images and back-and-forth signed inspection files are all “accountable, traceable and immutable”.

Building modules are tracked throughout transit to see whether moisture or other environmental variables have harmed them. HKU says the blockchain-based system also records temperature, humidity, vibration, and location data.

According to a university news release, the technology was used in the building of the Wong Chuk Hang student housing, which used the modular integrated construction (MiC) method.

About 1,000 building bricks were produced at a Guangdong Province facility and transferred to a Hong Kong construction site to be stacked into a complete building using this approach.

To circumvent border restrictions and other security measures during the Covid-19 outbreak, a blockchain-based method for remote quality inspection was developed. Hong Kong’s MiC student housing is one of the city’s 27 structures.

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