Expert hired to install client security system steals $600k in crypto

A cybersecurity specialist has been detained in Florida on suspicion of stealing over $575,910 in cryptocurrency from a customer.

According to WFLA, the perpetrator, Aaron Daniel Motta, 27, transferred the digital assets while installing the victim’s security system.

Motta took the client’s Trezor hardware wallet and retrieved the password before moving the cash to his own wallet, according to the details of the case.

Motta touts himself on Linkedin as a “certified ethical hacker” and “CyberSec analyst” who runs Motta Management & Mitigation Services. The defendant is being held on bail after his arrest on two charges of grand theft and computer-related crimes.

Although the hacker gained access to Trezor’s password, which was stored in the same location, the hardware wallet is widely regarded as one of the safest ways to store digital currency in the world. Despite the assurance of security, hackers exploit flaws in such wallets to steal cryptocurrency from unknowing users.

For instance, as Finbold noted, Trezor users recently became the victim of a fresh phishing effort. The hack involves breaching the popular email marketing site Mailchimp by social engineering and stealing customer data.

According to reports, the hackers sent bulk emails to Trezor users stating that their accounts had been hijacked as a result of a data breach. The fraudulent actors instructed holders to update their Trezor Suites in addition to creating a new PIN.

This comes after Trezor said earlier this year that it has patched many wallet vulnerabilities, including the ability to transfer the key and PIN into RAM. The statement came in response to a lengthy video in which a YouTuber outlined how he hacked the wallet and retrieved almost $2 million.

Additionally, according to a Finbold article, a cryptocurrency investor known as Phillipe Christodoulou claimed that he lost around $600,000 in Bitcoin after downloading a fraudulent Trezor wallet software from the App Store. The app is believed to replicate the original Trezor app’s features, including precise branding and positive ratings.

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