Elon Musk visits the offices of Twitter prior to the purchase

Elon Musk has officially entered Twitter’s headquarters and has released a video of himself bringing what looks to be a bathroom sink into the facility on Twitter.

A video uploaded by Elon Musk shows the Tesla and SpaceX CEO carrying what seems to be a bathroom sink as he enters Twitter’s headquarters. The millionaire updated his Twitter profile to include the phrase “Chief Twit.”

Bloomberg claimed that Musk said in a video chat with bankers that the $44 billion takeover agreement will finish this Friday.

After attempting to back out of the transaction in July and being sued by Twitter as a result, Musk switched his stance last month, declaring that he intended to proceed with the purchase.

According to a tweet from Musk in May, the Twitter acquisition was put on hold as the company waited for “information supporting computation that spam/fake accounts do actually comprise fewer than 5% of users.”

This week, Twitter’s internal study indicated that the social media site is struggling to retain its most active users, who account for 90% of all tweets and 50% of its worldwide income.

Musk tweeted on Wednesday that one of Twitter’s best features is the platform’s ability to encourage citizen journalism, in which “people are able to communicate news without an established bias.”

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