South Korea, China, and Japan Announce Joint Artificial Intelligence Partnership at Meeting of Foreign Ministers

In an effort to enhance their own high-tech industries, the three Korean countries have joined forces to promote artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology (blockchain), and big data.

The three Korean nations have made history by committing to furthering their collaboration in cutting-edge digital areas, including AI, blockchain, and big data. The statement was made in Busan, South Korea, during the 10th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting between China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized during the conference the significance of these three East Asian states in promoting multilateral cooperation and regional development. In order to hasten the regional and global economic recovery, he emphasized the critical importance of reviving the China-Japan-South Korea Free Trade Agreement discussions.

Resuming free trade agreement discussions is crucial, according to Minister Wang Yi, if we are to achieve regional economic integration and help construct the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area. The larger goal of fostering win-win results and mutual advantages among South Korea, China, and Japan is aligned with this action.

While acknowledging the need to adjust to changing conditions, Minister Wang Yi emphasized that the three countries must not waver from their initial objectives. In order to establish a firm groundwork for stable, long-term trilateral collaboration, this method involves tackling delicate topics while also respecting each party’s own developmental trajectory.

Strengthening regional manufacturing networks and fostering more robust scientific and technical innovation were other key points covered during the summit. Cultural interactions and the solution to global problems like climate change and an aging population were both emphasized by Minister Wang Yi.

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