Meta Collaborates with L’Oréal to Launch the Web3 Accelerator Program

Web3 is gaining traction among organizations, brands, and people as an innovative wave. This wave has enhanced the Metaverse’s acceptance via various applications and virtual opportunities.

Recently, Meta announced its relationship with HEC Paris and L’Oréal. The goal of the cooperation is to develop a business accelerator program that will stimulate creativity in the Metaverse.

Starting on November 20, interested entrepreneurs may submit program applications. There will be participation from Meta, L’Oréal, HEC members, and other investors and entrepreneurs in the selection process. Selected applicants will have access to experts, investors, and mentoring.

L’Oréal’s chief digital and marketing officer, Asmita Dubey, responded to the new intentions of the program. Dubey noted that the program combines and provides the appropriate creative energy to the future’s youth.

We’re excited to partner with L’Oréal on this bold initiative to foster the growth of the French startup ecosystem, which will play a crucial role in bringing together diverse communities and ideas to create the Metaverse. Numerous companies in the same sector as L’Oréal have launched Web3-related activities. 

As a result of the severe negative trend in the cryptocurrency market this year, several critics started to disregard NFTs and Web3. But contrary to their expectations, new initiatives from beauty, fashion, and luxury firms continue to emerge.

Monday, LVMH-owned luxury luggage company Rimowa announced a collaboration with Nike’s new digital fashion startup Rtfkt. The objective is to advance the premium fashion sector in the Metaverse.

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