Elon Musk Suggests Integrating Dogecoin For Millions Of Users

Elon Musk, the eighth most-followed Twitter user, is evidently dissatisfied with Twitter’s censoring.

Since Friday, the Tesla CEO has been encouraging his followers and anybody else who shares his worries to take part in a poll assessing whether the social media platform ‘rigorously conforms to the principle that free expression is necessary for a healthy democracy.’

Musk subsequently tweeted after the poll’s publication, “the implications of this poll will be significant; please vote carefully.” This has been interpreted to mean that he may purchase the social networking program, among other things, if his poll succeeds, which now has over 70% of respondents voting ‘no’.

Musk, who has surely established himself as a household name in the cryptocurrency industry due to his crypto-related banters that have been characterized as market manipulation, is no stranger to controversy, particularly when his or others’ freedoms are challenged.

This was seen in his recent decision to deploy a dozen Starlink devices to Ukraine to assist in combating the Kremlin’s continuous campaign to shut down internet connections in Ukraine.

Is there a Doge tipping tool on Twitter?

The tweet, which has now garnered over thirty thousand comments, the most of which have urged the Tesla CEO to acquire Twitter or start his own social media site, included a reference to Dogecoin.

“One of the nicest aspects about Elon Musk acquiring Twitter or launching his own platform is that you know there will be a dogecoin tip jar!” According to Steven Steele, a YouTuber who maintains a cryptocurrency discussion channel focused on meme currencies like dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Elon Musk responded almost instantly with “100%,” eliciting a frenzy from the doge army.

Elon Musk Suggests Integrating Dogecoin For Millions Of Users If He Acquires Twitter or Develops His Own Platform

“Freedom of expression is more important than the majority of people understand.” Shiller referred to Matt Wallace as a top dog.

Musk has often expressed his strong support for Dogecoin over the last year. Apart from claiming that dogecoin is a more sustainable and ecologically friendly cryptocurrency than bitcoin, Tesla just began taking the canine coin for items, with numerous other businesses such as AMC also accepting it for movie tickets and confectionery.

On the other side, Twitter recently unveiled a tip jar for bitcoin and Ethereum users, allowing users to compensate authors who provide insight on the social media platform.

Musk’s inclusion of Dogecoin in Twitter’s tipping tool may therefore serve as a spur for the parody currency to reach new heights. DOGE is up 14.93 percent in the last seven days and is now trading at $0.1496.

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