MAC Cosmetics Introduces Keith Haring Polygon NFTs in Collaboration with ConsenSys

Proceeds from the sale of the NFT will benefit adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS.

MAC Cosmetics is collaborating with ConsenSys to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon that include artwork by the late Keith Haring and benefit HIV/AIDS-affected kids. The collection comprises 5,275 NFTs of three distinct sorts, each with a unique price and rarity.

The Keith Haring red NFTs will sell for $25 and a limited edition of 5,000 will be produced. The blue NFTs will cost $150 each and will be limited to 250. Each yellow NFT will cost $1,000 and a total of 25 will be minted. All three are animated images that mix Haring’s visual style with MAC lipsticks, using Keith Haring Foundation-licensed elements.

Keith Haring was an American artist who gained notoriety during the 1980s New York graffiti art scene. In 1987, after being diagnosed with HIV, he started making art to raise awareness about the condition. He passed away in 1990.

as a work of digital art—will be launched on ConsenSys’ new NFT platform, aptly named ConsenSys NFT. According to Johnna Powell, worldwide co-head of ConsenSys NFT, the NFT launch is “100 percent give-back,” implying that ConsenSys will not profit from the initiative.

“Our major goal with ConsenSys NFT is to attract the next tens of millions of MetaMask users,” Powell said. On April 10, the MAC and Keith Haring NFTs will be available for purchase on MetaMask using a credit card or cryptocurrency.

All revenues from the mint and main sales will benefit MAC Viva Glam, a non-profit organization founded in 1994 to aid HIV/AIDS groups. Since its inception, it has raised more than $500 million for over 1,800 different non-profit organizations. The Larkin Street Youth Services, Jasmyn, and the Ali Forney Center will benefit from the proceeds from this NFT sales.

Powell verified that 2.5 percent of all secondary OpenSea sales from the NFT collection would benefit the Keith Haring Foundation, which is devoted to preserving the artist’s work and legacy, as well as giving care to individuals living with HIV.

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