Samsung reveals its smart devices’ ‘private blockchain’ security system

As the potential uses of blockchain technology continue to increase, apps that depend on trust and security are among those that have begun to implement it.

Samsung, the South Korean electronics and software giant, announced on October 13 the installation of a security mechanism for its smart devices based on “private blockchain” technology.

The purpose of the Knox Matrix system, which has been given the name Knox Matrix, is to improve the security of an environment containing multiple devices by having each smart device monitor the activity of the others and share access data to make the process of logging in more secure through “multi-layered mutual monitoring.”

Notably, the technology was revealed at the most recent Samsung Developer Conference Samsung as a reform of the business’s current security policy, however, the company did not comment on the system’s inner workings.

For instance, Samsung claims that utilizing a phone that is connected to another smart device, such as a TV or a smart air conditioner, will make these things more resistant to compromise.

Samsung claims that its Knox Matrix technology will streamline login processes across the whole home. This is because the login status will be communicated automatically to devices inside the house that need it to join the network. However, it will likely prevent other network-connected devices from accessing sensitive information.

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