Developers complete the first’ shadow fork’ for the Ethereum Shanghai update

Developers of Ethereum have effectively produced a “shadow split” of the Shanghai update.

To test the Shanghai update on a version of the main Ethereum network, developers successfully produced a “shadow split.”

A shadow fork is a test version of the actual mainnet that enables developers to determine if a proposed upgrade’s code will function successfully on the actual blockchain. The updated test for Shanghai occurred at about 5:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

Geth developer Marius Van Der Wijj reported a few small technical difficulties with Ethereum nodes utilising Geth clients following the hard split. However, developers were able to resolve the problems, and all nodes are now in accord. Van Der Wijden noted that more testing would be conducted to guarantee that everything is functional.

With Shanghai, withdrawals will be enabled on the mainnet in March, allowing users access to staked coins that were briefly unavailable during September’s “The Merge” transfer. While withdrawals will be the primary feature, three additional enhancements have been developed to optimise gas expenses for certain operations.

Before the end of February, developers are considering launching a public test network that would allow stake businesses to test the Shanghai upgrade. In the following weeks, further shadow forks are scheduled to be implemented.

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