CRO increase the possibility after the Ukraine conflict strives to grow its brand via its social media presence. Notably, by collaborating with the Red Cross Red Crescent, is capitalizing on the current frenzy around cryptocurrency contributions to Ukraine.

The site has already contributed $1 million to victims of Russia’s war with Ukraine. is also making extensive use of its ‘The Art of Giving’ collection of 40 NFTs ranging in value from $50 to $100., along with 33 other artists, will donate 100% of the earnings from the sale of these sets.

Naturally, these initiatives would attract the interest of a large number of investors. This, in turn, would accelerate Cronos’ acceptance, which is critical at the present.

Additionally, the network previously attracted almost 9000 investors. However, in recent months, the amount has decreased to about 1.5k.

At the present, the dearth of activity on-chain is rather obvious. The entire distribution of CRO supply has shifted away from merchants and toward cruisers during the previous three months.

It seems as if cohorts who have held CRO for more than a month have altered their minds about keeping it for an extended length of time.’s rising usage has undoubtedly played a significant part in altering their perspective.

It’s worth noting here that by controlling almost 60% of the supply, these ‘might be HODLers’ may provide a significant boost to CRO’s increase.

Additionally, with the overall market reflecting a positive environment, RO would gain significantly from its pricing. CRO is slowly but steadily returning from its 2022 losses, having gained nearly 9% in the previous 24 hours and 32.24 percent in the last 20 days. As a result, it continues to draw investment.

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