75% of US merchants plan to accept crypto or stablecoins in two years, says Deloitte

According to a recent poll from accounting firm Deloitte, the majority of U.S. shops are creating the foundation to use cryptocurrency in the near future.

In a recent report, Deloitte surveyed 2,000 senior retail executives from a range of businesses throughout the United States regarding digital assets.

More than 85 percent of CEOs surveyed said that supporting cryptocurrency payments is a “high or very high priority” for their organisations.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents said that their companies intended to accept crypto or stablecoin payments within two years. More than half of the responding major merchants (with sales of $500 million or more) had already committed more than $1 million to enable digital asset payments.

Ninety-three percent of merchants that currently accept digital assets report a favourable effect on their consumer KPIs.

Says Deloitte, “Our study supports the intensity and direction of the trend toward widespread use of digital currency payment options by US retail enterprises. Respondents recognise the importance and advantages of such a capacity and have made action toward its implementation.

Merchants are listening to their consumers and feel that a considerable number are now interested in adopting digital currencies for payments.”

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