Coinbase Board Member Kathryn Haun to Resign Later This Year

Later this year, Kathryn Haun will resign from her position as a board member at Coinbase, as she has revealed.

Coinbase board member Kathryn Haun, who has been there for a while, has revealed that she will be leaving later this year. After more than seven years on the job, Haun announced her resignation in an X post, saying she needs more time to concentrate on her crypto stack-supporting platform, Haun Ventures.

Haun stressed that the cryptocurrency market is booming, putting Coinbase in a prime position to succeed. Noting that Haun Ventures is doing well, she said that now is the perfect moment to ramp up her support for the platform’s increasing roster of entrepreneurs. In addition, Haun believes that this is a good moment for Haun Ventures to establish a long-term venture franchise.

Coinbase was an “amazing experience” for the departing board member, who expressed gratitude for her tenure there. Haun has been a part of Coinbase’s team since 2017 and has seen the company’s and cryptocurrency’s rise firsthand. Coinbase was the first publicly listed cryptocurrency business, spearheading the movement for regulatory clarity on a worldwide scale, and she claims to have been there. She was also involved in the creation of other market and technical infrastructure elements, including the most current one, Base, for the cryptocurrency exchange.

In her article, Haun expressed her gratitude to Coinbase’s creator, Brian Armstrong, as well as the rest of the board and leadership team. Having several Coinbase alums on the Haun Ventures team and as portfolio founders is a blessing, in her opinion; she describes Coinbase as a remarkable incubator for entrepreneurial potential.

Finally, Haun said that she would stay in touch with Coinbase’s leadership and would always be an advocate for the firm, even when she leaves. The “wonderful journey” she had throughout her tenure with the organization was one she was grateful for.

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