Roche Freedman was forced to step down by a New York court

The legal firm Roche Freedman was forced out of its role as lead counsel in a class action case against USDT issuer Tether and its partnered company Bitfinex by a New York judge.

The plaintiffs’ complaint sought $1 trillion in damages for alleged market manipulation by the digital asset company.

The decision made on Thursday is in response to the contentious postings made by whistleblower website Crypto Leaks against founding partner Kyle Roche.

The recordings published by Crypto Leaks imply that Roche participated in unethical conduct in several class action cases involving various cryptocurrency organizations, such as Binance.US, Solana Labs, and The Tron Foundation.

U.S. Judge Katherine Polk Failla, who is presiding over a class action case against Tether and Bitfinex, has fired Roche Freedman as plaintiffs’ counsel. According to sources, the complaint contends that the USDT issuer participated in market manipulation and seeks $1 trillion in damages.

According to Bloomberg, Judge Failla terminated Roche Freedman as a result of contentious disclosures involving the firm’s founding partner and cryptocurrency attorney Kyle Roche. A whistleblower website called Crypto Leaks published the films in August, saying that Roche used litigation against digital asset firms to get confidential information.

The articles imply that Roche’s actions intentionally targeted rivals of Ava Labs, a company associated with the law firm. Roche disputed the allegations and filed a petition to withdraw from the proceedings.

Tether and cryptocurrency Trade Bitfinex also requested that any links between Roche Freedman and the lawsuit be severed.

Notably, Roche has a history of bringing and dropping class-action lawsuits against crypto-related entities, including Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation, Solana Labs, and Binance.US, among others.

Thursday’s judgement by Judge Failla approved Tether’s motion. The New York court said that Roche’s company’s “metaphorical baggage” may impede the lawsuit. Friday, Tether responded to the dismissal by tweeting his approval.

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