Cardano Foundation works with big oil company in Brazil to promote blockchain

Petrobras is the biggest Brazilian enterprise, and the Cardano Foundation is teaming up with them to teach people about blockchain technology and find applications for it in the energy industry.

Petrobras, the state-owned oil business of Brazil, and the Cardano Foundation have joined forces to educate the public about blockchain technology and investigate its potential applications in the energy industry.

The foundation has announced that it will be leading blockchain education seminars for Petrobras’ 45,000 workers. The information from Cardano Academy will be accessible via Petrobras University. With projected sales of $124.7 billion in 2022, Petrobras—the biggest enterprise in Brazil and South America was established in 1953.

There will be interactive quizzes and the event will cover a wide range of blockchain use cases and applications. In preparation for the program’s debut, the Cardano Foundation held two virtual seminars to examine blockchain laws in Brazil and elsewhere.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, said, “Petrobras is one of the biggest public corporations in the world and a Fortune 500 firm. Our relationship with them shows how serious businesses are about blockchain education and how far the Cardano Foundation has come in achieving its objectives. He is enthusiastic about the partnership and the prospect of collaborating with Petrobras to educate the public and discover new applications for blockchain technology.”

After finishing the blockchain program, participants will get a certificate. Furthermore, special nonfungible tokens (NFTs) developed in tandem with the Petrobras Education Board will be distributed to the first 500 trainees. As the training progresses, the NFTs will adapt to represent each participant’s unique accomplishments and monitor their development digitally.

The Cardano Foundation supports and promotes the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. The foundation is a major force in the platform’s development and acceptance.

Cardano declared one of its primary five-year goals in 2021, and the relationship is in line with it. The foundation’s goal was to broaden the scope of blockchain applications by increasing diversity in on-chain activities and building stronger ties with Fortune 500 organizations.

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