Microsoft abandons Windows Mixed Reality in Support of Artificial Intelligence

After virtual reality and augmented reality failed to capture the public’s attention, Microsoft decided to stop supporting Windows Mixed Reality and instead concentrate on artificial intelligence.

The recent announcement by Microsoft about the end of support for its Windows Mixed Reality platform indicates the tech giant’s intention to move away from AR and VR. Since Microsoft has already reduced its HoloLens efforts, this decision does not surprise industry watchers. As AI continues to gain traction, the IT behemoth seems to be placing its bets on this technology to power the computers of the future.

Microsoft has announced in a short statement that it will no longer support Windows Mixed Reality and will not be included in future Windows updates. The Mixed Reality Portal app, Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR, and Steam VR Beta will all be discontinued as a result. The precise date of removal is still up in the air, but with Windows Mixed Reality’s low uptake, the move isn’t going to have much of an impression.

The decision by Microsoft to discontinue Windows Mixed Reality is indicative of a larger trend in the technology sector. Once thought to be the wave of the future in computing, virtual reality and augmented reality have struggled to break out of their niches and attract the general public. Many corporations are rethinking their investments in these technologies as the early excitement has faded.

Microsoft’s strategic emphasis on AI is consistent with its departure from virtual reality and augmented reality. In order to incorporate AI into all of its products, the corporation has been pouring a lot of money into R&D. Solutions backed by artificial intelligence have become more popular in domains including cloud computing, corporate apps, and productivity tools.

It seems that Microsoft believes AI has more potential to influence computing’s future and improve user experiences than VR and AR. Their decision to prioritize AI over these technologies supports this. A compelling alternative for innovation and development, AI is known for its adaptability and ability to adapt to a broad variety of sectors.

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