Once Again, Dogecoin’s Creator Makes Fun of “Web3 People”

In his most recent tweet, Dogecoin creator Billy Markus called out the Web3 community once again, implying that Web3 users only want money without trading it for products or services.

The Dogecoin developer’s relationship with the Web3 sector in general began when Elon Musk tweeted about “Web3 folks” that irritate him. Both Markus and Musk responded to the original tweet with double-barreled vitriol against Web3.

Elon Musk previously asked his subscribers whether they had seen Web3 anywhere, implying that the sector has stalled and the enthusiasm around it has faded.

After uploading a GIF of a person gazing into a toilet, Markus responded to the “searching for Web3” tweet, implying that it is located someplace low and nasty.

While it is unknown why the inventors of Dogecoin joined the Web3 hate train, both of them might be called crypto influencers on Twitter, since they often support one another’s tweets and viewpoints in general.

Musk previously remarked that Dogecoin is fundamentally superior to any cryptocurrency he has ever seen. The primary grounds for this assertion were Dogecoin’s costs and speed—which enables a higher volume of transactions at a lesser cost than Bitcoin.

Web3 introduces the decentralisation concept to the web, ensuring that users of the internet are the only proprietors of their data. The notion became feasible as blockchain and decentralised technology advanced.

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